Originally founded due to growing environmental issues, LONG LIFE aims to be a responsible option for the fashion forward consumer.

LONG LIFE is a brand that offers unisex, urban ready products which tackle ideas surrounding recycling and re-using. Started in 2008, the label began when seat-belts were saved from scrapped cars. The material which is durable and strong was the perfect ingredient for bag straps and details. Combined with reclaimed printed cottons and wools, the bags began to capture peoples attention.

After debuting the collection of bags across London at market stalls in Greenwich, Camden and Brick Lane feedback was positive. This travelling Launch Party helped to un-cover consumer needs when searching for a bag that contributed to city life.

The label began to diversify shapes/styles of bag, and launched the BACK PACK and SATCHEL. Now working with reclaimed leather garments, as well as sourced vintage prints the label aims to cater for tastes of all ages and sexes.

Featuring on prime time BBC show, 'MARY, Queen of Charity Shops'(2009), and in ethical magazine 'Sublime'(2008) the future of the brand is hopeful. Offering environmentally driven products with recycling at it's core is LONG LIFE's mission. LA VIE LONG

back packs using reclaimed seatbelts and surplus transport upholstery fabrics

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